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"Jason "Smoke" is a wonderful motivational speaker! Not only can he connect to the adult audience but also the young adults as well. I had the pleasure of hearing his speech about bullying prevention. This had me and my colleagues sucked in from beginning to end with the personal stories that he included. It was also very nice to see the young men look up to him and really listen and appreciate what he had to say. Because of his awesome work I am working at bringing him to my community so that everyone else may admire his hard work and dedication to the Native community.

-Tiffany Chavez Big Pine Ca.

"I retained Jason "Smoke" Nichols as an Entertainment venue for the "Imagine" Concert in Toronto, Canada. This event was endorsed by Yoko Ono- John Lennon's Widow and he was one of the Principal Bands for the event.

- Nancy Red Star Associate Producer Imagine

"The work that Jason and his team do at RezHeadz is nothing short of inspiring. They have taken a very negative event in their lives; namely the death of their daughter, and turned it into a program and message that reaches these kids where they live. I applaud them. xo" January 25, 2012

- Owner, O.G.P.R. Nancy Byron

"Jason Nichols is a dynamic and powerful business owner. He has created Rez Headz Entertainment from the ground up. Jason Nichols is a skilled business owner, leader, hip-hop artist, song writer, Entertainment Promoter and Entrepreneur. Jason Nichols is a NAMY award winner. As a motivational speaker Jason Nichols is by far the man for the job... He connects to his audience, captivates and connects to all age groups. His message is powerful, dynamic and life changing. Jason Nichols empowers people to do great things with their lives. He is a true inspiration. He is changing lives!!! Jason Nichols and his family endured the kind of loss no one should ever experience, the loss of his 12 year old daughter. He has taken this loss and turned it into a message of hope. His and his families strength is amazing. Jason Nichols and Rez Headz Entertainment will change your life!"

- Sherrie Gadreault

"Jason " Smoke" made a huge impact on our youth. The leadsership, self esteem, suicide prevention, lyrics and poetry training he did was unique and powerful. The youth were very comfortable around him. I was looking for something fresh and fulfilling for our youth and Jason delivered

- Dawn Chase - Lower Sioux Tribe MN,

“On Thursday, September 23, 2010, Alamo Community School, administrators, faculty, staff, and students had the wonderful opportunity to hear some of Indian Country's most dynamic and energized young people send their message of perseverance and hope. Jason "Smoke" Nichols along with his wife and female recording artist MiMi, Hip-Hop artist Cizko, and graphic artist Big Stu, spoke about their tragedies and triumphs. Both Jason and Melissa who recently suffered the loss of their twelve year old daughter, make sense out of their grief by daring us to pursue our dreams, express our feeling through poetry, and to be true to ourselves. Students, staff, and teachers used medicine wheels to write Hip-Hop lyrics; experienced the fusion of tradition with contemporary beats; and demonstrated the power of the pen in communication. The RezHeadz staff encouraged us to believe in the strength in the individual spirit and the possibility of forging a new course in life with courage and grace.”

-Tammy, Behavioral Health Alamo Navajo Ind.Res.

"Any community that brings Smoke in to work with their youth will experience his connection with Native youth. His message of stronger Native communities and vision of strong youth leadership show his commitment of change. Smoke shares his own success story dealing with gangs, music, suicide prevention, business and professional development. It is such a positive and empowering experience."

-Edward Wadda, Chief Advisor- Wind RiverUnity

"Your performance in our community here at the Fort Belknap Reservation was truly a blessing sent by our Creator. The extent that you were able to reach the hearts and spirit of our youth was a joy to witness!"

-Gerald Stiffarm, KGVA Radio- Fort Belknap, MT.

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